“Suicides are Haram (forbidden)” the reason!

I know that due to attractions of this World, we are distracted! We don’t follow Islam properly and get our hopes high for little things related to this world and get dejected when we don’t get them! Forcing ourselves to commit suicides! Without understanding the reasons behind the “why didn’t you get the specific thing”! This is the immature us, which we ignore….

Suicides are “haram (forbidden)” in Islam! If you focus on the reason you will know that no one can love you more than ALLAH Pak!….

“And do not kill yourselves.  Surely, God is Most Merciful to you.” (Quran 4:29)

I once, when I was reading Pakistan Studies book , realized something and wrote it this way:


” I got it! That why we must never commit suicides and such! Just when I was understanding ‘Khilafat movement’, I began to think that Muslims always suffer the most right! We suffer and that’s also a reason that all Muslims will eventually go in heaven, it’s our award, we surely will get it. It’s the award of loving ALLAH only! Of believing in Him, living for Him, hating for Him. It’s natural! The 1 who never gives up their lives are those who always asks ALLAH for help when they are suffering and then their suffering becomes nothing more than a spec of dust!

The award is for those who don’t give up their lives

for the sake of this world’s suffering

given by these humans

for they know ALLAH is the only 1



We must try to understand the most important thing “We as Muslims” must know! ISLAM always have pure and deep reasons for what’s and what’s not allowed in it. If we try we always will find it IN SHA ALLAH! After finding even one reason,that will shock us and will force us to say “SUBHAN ALLAH”, we might be able to start our journey!

Journey towards the right path….

May ALLAH guides us to see the “behtri” in everything! Ameen Sumameen! 



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