Illusion -“Kullunafsin za-iqatualmawti”

I was thinking that we spent our lives rebelling against our parents, our religion just because it’s strict!!! First of all Our religion is the lenient of all in the whole world and even then if you think that it’s strict, what’s wrong in being strict??

Are we this weak that we are even unable to bare a little strictness of this temporary world, temporary life?? Compared to the permanent world, permanent life, the punishments and the blessings of that life. I seriously think something is terribly wrong with our eyes, ears , brain and hearts! We are really blind, deaf, heartless and brainless not to see, feel, understand and interpret ALLAH’s love in all the orders His Majesty has given to us!

Us humans always want love and peace in this world yet we are so foolish enough to actually not see the true source to what our innocent soul truly wants and what we really need??? The solution of everything is in loving His Excellency and getting and understanding His love!

Can’t we see that, the One who made us a Muslim human ALHAMDULILAH and made us grow up and due to Whom we have come this far ,is the only one who can release us from all of our tensions?? We really are foolish right!!….

“Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.”

Surah Al-e’Imran [3:185]

It greatly saddens me to see how we all are being deceived and being controlled by the Satan(our nafs)!…

Oh Our Lord the Exalted, forgive us and show us the path for getting out of this life full of illusions for you are Rehman and Raheem. Show us the right path before it’s too late for us to ask for your forgiveness. 

Thank you Your Highness , for letting us live for as long as we live we still got the chance. But as no one but You knows will tomorrow come for us or not, help us follow the right path from today. Thank you ALLAH so much for sending for us such an awesome and beautiful religion ‘Islam’ and making us Muslims! ALHAMDULILAH!

Only take our souls away then My Lord ,when we are prepared to meet you, when our souls are free of all the dirt of this world, when our hearts and souls are pure, when you are truly happy from us, when we can face our leader and true hero Prophet (S.A.W), when we have followed Sahaba Karam’s path of righteousness!………………Ameen!

May we all find our right paths towards the Jannah and make the One happy Who we love and Who loves us, ‘the most’!




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