“Know the Behtri, Know the Light”


Just wanted to share some of the things I have realised and helped me keep on going in life Alhamdulillah!

Indeed we all believe kai jo kuch bhe hamaray around hota hai(acha ya bura hmari nazar mai), wo behtar hota hai har laihaz sai and obviously it’s a fact. But, later most of us complaints about it kai hamaray sath yai huwa wo huwa. Yani is baat par beleive hotay huway bhe hamara dil mutmain nai hota, it remains in a mess.

You know why that happens?? Because most of us don’t really try to find that behtri. One must ask him/herself what does my Lord wants to teach me from all this(as everyone learn from their own experiences) , what could be the danger His Majesty saved me from, what if maybe I am not completely prepared yet to learn that specific thing or to experience? Maybe His-Highness wants to save me from getting hurt(As He loves us more than 70 mothers could have loved us)??

This way not only our confusions will be solved, our Faith on Allah Subhana Wa Ta’Allah will increase as well (which is the most important thing in this life). As your confusions will clear up, you will start travelling towards the light(the right path) as well.

Patience is the key. Be patient if you want Allah to tell you what the behtri is, and in few days Allah will give you your answers In SHa ALLAH! Also you will realise that what’s better or worse in our opinion , is not necessarily better or worse in Allah’s opinion too, and of course only Allah’s will is important as He’s our Creator, loves us and will always do the best for us……
“Remember, where our imagination ends, Allah’s work begins”

May Allah give us Complete Eman for eternity!

Ameen SUmameen!..



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