……..There comes a time in human life,

when you want to explain

how you enjoyed a certain event

or were disappointed by it,

but you can’t.

you just can’t.

you know what you want to say and

why you want to say it

you imagine the conversation countless times

you imagine their replies and responses too,

but you still can’t say it,

seems like the will just left you or that you forgot.

this happens repeatedly

She was going through the same process as well,

she was very much happy

she wanted to say it out loud

she knew exactly how to explain

but when she entered her home

she just couldn’t

as soon as she turned the keys

she felt as if she lost her memories

the feeling she had a few minutes ago disappeared into thin air

along with the words she longed to speak

she wasn’t surprised, for this thing too like others

happened to her many many times, and now

she was just too used to it that she could pretend that

the specific event never happened

she just thought that she deserves this

her one mistake could never defeat the monsters in her head

nor the obstinate stains of terror from her heart and soul

so she as usual, just went through the door and went up to her room

without even saying a word to them

just like that,

just like someone who never existed……….


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!





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