………………On, one of the brightest days,

She went to the market to get some necessary items,

as she only liked the rainy days,

she didn’t get out much

She saw a beautiful family,

like the weather, smiling brightly

the kids, whom she thought were siblings,

were running around , playing.

seeing how close they were,

she smiled.

They reminded her

of her bonds with others

She,in her opinion,

had this troublesome characteristic.

People say ,

that if you are really strongly connected with someone

if you really love someone,

no matter the distances,

you will not forget them

neither the feelings will change much.

But, the problem was

her feelings were changing,

she began to forget them.

as if they never existed

her feelings for them were


That, she thought was ridiculous.

cause she knew,

no matter how close she’s with them,

they have a life of their own

and will always have it


no matter how close they are,

she must ,

distance herself from them


no matter how close they are

she must not bother them.


no matter how close they are,

there are and will be things

that she must not say out loud.

even to herself,

For there is a maze of thoughts.

others can never,


they must not ever


For her,

enclosing those thoughts

was really necessary,

like her life…

For her,

if she discloses them,

it will be like


nothing to be left within,


that let’s a person live.

At All…………


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


2 thoughts on “‘Her-6’

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  1. The family she saw,is supposed to give her motivation.even she want to distance her from her family,she must nt forget that her family is like this because of her existance.


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