‘Her 7’

While intending to delete some unused conversations

She saw an old group conversation of her sister with her sister’s best friend,

she felt a twitch in her heart

she thought ,

‘ah!how things change ,

those two are not angry with each other

nor they have fought ,

they are best friends,

who were once with each other all the time,

couldn’t spend a day without telling each other ‘how was their day’,

but now events pass by,

years pass by

and they can’t share it.

Probably due to the inevitable busy life.

Both of them entered a new phase of life,

met new important people, 

She thought, what is all this, what is this relation?…..

How to explain it!

Then she realized….

that something can..

sometimes become more painful than parting with someone

And that is

An un-explainable relationship

For then,

You can’t solve

You can’t improve anything

Anything at all

For you don’t realize it

Until it gets really late

And old…..

She felt sad

Cz probably she imagined her and her relations

being like that..

And she thought of it as an ‘Unavoidable betrayal’…

which was yet another proof

of the ephemeral life…..


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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