……6Am, birds chirping, water running in the kitchen.

Waking up by the voice of her alarm clock,

on one of the important days of her life,

Her mother came to remind her of her interview,

She washed up, got dressed.

Not believing, what she intended to do…..

She went for her interview.

Traffic jam at it’s worse,

while waiting in the car,

she practiced her interview a little

fully motivated…..

Signal opened, she

went on her way again.

Reached the designated office.

Seeing the environment around her,

She felt good…..

after an hour of waiting, they called her



to her surprise, she was at her car’s door….

Yes, like many times before….

she, made this unknown decision

And drove to a near-by park,

Without giving her interview….

It was one of the best opportunities she got….

She knew that and remembered it,


even then she didn’t regret it….

She never regretted anything,

For she felt not enough to regret..

It would have been nice

If she felt more

She always thought,


her heart and

her body

were trapped somewhere


time passes by she being like that

She was numbly afraid

for she thought…


she would not be trapped anymore,

she would drown in the sorrows of regret….

How did she get so numb

over such crucial years?

and why?

Those years which could have made her

a good person,

a mature adult

Ah! It would have been nice

If she felt more….

For even her goals stopped making their presence known to herself…

And for her,

Her goals were life….


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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