……she ran away from the terror

and found a door,

she passed through it


she reached the same place she was at before she was through the door,

same place but

now she was

in a different situation,

the same thing happened to her 2-3 times

until she woke up…..

From her deep slumber

Almost screaming and sweaty

Trying so hard not to go back to sleep

Ah!she thought I am unable to sleep

Unable to sleep at all!

What to do?

In a panicky state,

She went to get cold water,


Upon opening the fridge,

she finally got out of the door

in another situation,

Yes, it was happening all in a dream

But, she finally woke up, in real

She made it sure that she is awake by pinching her self……

she had these lonely dreams

these scary lonely dreams


They always drove her crazy

and again

There they were

driving her astray,

And so she wanted to sleep

At a noisy place

At a bright place

She the person who loved being alone

And who could only sleep in the dark


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


5 thoughts on ““HER SPECIAL : DREAM”

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  1. Ah!dream seemed real.cool use of words nd a clear meaning.its a feeling of fidgeting(act of doing something uncontrollable)


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