‘Her 9’


Sitting in her drawing room,

she was thinking hard,

Thinking hard whether,

to hate the person who hurt her


to love the person who’s her rescuer,

As she couldn’t just judge a book by its cover


As she was really loyal

She was having a hard time….

But then,

She heard it,

Heard her conscience,

Your heart belongs to you

To you alone

And that being said,

Beware of the silent monster

which is called love

Either it kills you

Or leaves you alone

Either way,

You suffer….


If love can do such damage

What will hate do?

It will not only ruin you,

but  lives of others as well!

And if that continues

Won’t it ruin the whole world


Won’t it create

a generation of hate?

An endless battle,

An ongoing strive

Full of lust and glutton?

Making everyone act like an animal….

Even if one person gets affected,

just because of you,

The starting of the whole chain will be your fault!

She asked: mine?

Yes! Yours!

That’s how dangerous such thoughts are,

And remember,

love and hate,

Once seeded inside your heart,

both will grow deeper and deeper,

If not controlled,


turn into one another…….


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


4 thoughts on “‘Her 9’

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  1. It Rightly,Describes The Sequence Of ‘Her is Every Girl’. Good Job in Writing With Feel,Or Is it What I am Feeling Right now, Either Way You survived.

    Liked by 1 person

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