……On a normal afternoon,

While she was working peacefully,

She heard the news..

That her neighbors left,

The neighbors with whom she lived for 10 years…

Just left,

The neighbors, with whom she used to play daily,

In streets,

And indoor

back in her childhood

The neighbors, who shared her happiness

And sadness,

The neighbors, whom she liked the most,

With whom she celebrated some of her birthdays,

Without leaving any contact, without any meeting,

Just like that,

They left…

Why? When? Where?

She didn’t have the answer…

She deserved not to be answered..


She has been too much irresponsible the past years..

Even though they lived so close,

Years had pass by , her not meeting them…

Everything has been a burden for her…

Her relationships too…

They worsened day by day…

But she just realised it…


While watching the house that used to belong to some people she knew…

Or she thought…

Because, the time you utilize in trying to forget

so hard the thing you regret

or the thing that hurted you

Or a person….

That time,

those years ,

you don’t know how they passed


when they passed…

Those years are almost non-existent in your life

As if your life at that time,


With no solution..

With yet another heavy burden in her heart…

She moved on….

Just like that….

Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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