Her face half covered with the moonlight…

Watching her friend, The Moon…

She didn’t want to sleep..

For she dreams about such happy things..

Which makes her really sad

when she wakes up….

Even her dreams turn into memories…

She feels the nostalgia

from the memories of a land that is no where to be found

in reality…

She sometime wishes for it to stop altogether….

But when she is no longer dreaming,

she misses that place so much that she feels lonely…

They are about those people…

Which she has restricted herself from


Not to get hurt again is what all humans wish..

And so does she….

She tries hard not to fall asleep…

But, she does..

Waking up into yet another amazing world…

A land of green, A sky of twilight

No one is there, but her

She walks…

And sees someone sitting on a bench,

Someone really beautiful

Smiling at her,

Making her feel special

And an essential being..

Not believing her eyes…

She asks,

Are you a memory?

No. I am not…

If you are not a memory,

can I touch you?

to see if you are real?

That someone replies..


you won’t be able to.

But, you can meet me,

where you can’t reach me,


you will be able to perceive

me in many forms..

In your dreams….

Who are you?

I am you!

I am life!

She wakes up,

Her cheeks wet….


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


8 thoughts on “Her-11

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  1. ‘You can meet me where you can’t reach me’ is so beautifil Ma sha Allah,describing tje fundamental forms of dreams,the scene seems real ‘reflection of oneself seen in water’ kind of feeling like this,i m getting.i loved it,fantastic i would like to say,it is.


  2. It holds depth but i thought of this a long time ago,so its nt new but i talked about it in previous comment ‘reflection of oneself seen in water’ the plot it holds.


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