At 8pm…

On her way back home …

From shopping..

While being stucked with the traffic

Listening to all the hustle,

Breathing that black smoke,

Being aware of those lustful eyes

She thought she felt something….

probably annoyance!

Or was it envy?

She wasn’t sure…

In her there was so much noise


It was almost silent…

She didn’t feel remorse

Sadness,anger or hatred…

It was just….

What others cared about was friends

house, money,

family, education

What she think she cared about,

What she didn’t have was


In her madness,

In her futile attempts to stay hidden

In redemption

In trying to stay alive..

She had already lost too much of it..

And more was slipping away

but she couldn’t do anything…

She already lost herself,

It wasn’t as if she lost everything but,

For Her..

The only thing that was left for her was


And that too…

Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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