She was dazed,

staring blankly at the wall.

Unable to read her book

or think straight. …

Feeling remorseful

Like someone just grabbed her heart with strength and then left it..

She did it again, after a long time

But it was done.

The stupidest thing human could do…

She relied on another mortal…

A mortal like her, probably with more problems. ..

She had these weak moments sometimes,

when she was unable to withhold her emotions

in a state of bemusement,

She shared something with someone.

Others usually cry, she just speaks …

For her that was a big deal

And that was the extent of those fleeting moments for her.

they were as painful for her as for others,

probably. …

Still many times, while sharing

She asked only one questions

she never went deep.

Today was yet another such day…

Where she thought, she needed someone.

This time it was a person she used to be friends with


but no longer..

What was she expecting?

What was it that she wanted to hear?

Was it reconciliation through her adversity?

She didn’t know. …

And the answer left her more heart broken than before. …..


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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