In her room..

Winter’s Silence..

Indulging in her book..

Trying to understand the protagonist..

She jerks back…

Feeling sharp nerve pain..

She drops her book..

And covers her eyes and face with her both hands..

It happened often..

In her solitude, she remembered..

Those moments..

Again and again..

She was tormented..

It always surprised her..

That how weak she has always been..

That how easily she breaks over mundane things..

Those that most people could laugh off and forget..

Make it a step to climb up..

Not down..like her..

It surprised her..

That how even the usual normal things..

Had a tendency to render her quizzical..

And her heart to sink so low..

To her eyes..

She still was similar to the little child..

Who hides behind her mom..

Accepting the unpleasant reality..

She tries to change the bad image in her brain..

And continues her book..

Hoping to one day become strong like her friends from the book..


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