“My Top 10 Favorite Islamic Quotes For Getting Through Tough Situations”

Assalam-O-Alaikum people! Since few months, I have been finding some amazing, inspirational and mind-blowing Islamic quotes on social media, specially 'Facebook' and 'Instagram'. So, I decided to share '10 of my most favorite Islamic Quotes' with you today.  Of course all Islamic sayings are loved by us so, maybe I will make it a series,... Continue Reading →

“Book Review-The Book Thief-My Favorite Genre”

I have absolutely come to adore ‘Historical Fiction’. It takes me to years and centuries back and helps me feel a part of the emotions of the people of the Earth who were once here and wanted to leave their mark and tell their stories. To me ‘Historical Fiction’ is a dedication to the ‘ancestors... Continue Reading →

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