“Book Review-The Book Thief-My Favorite Genre”

I have absolutely come to adore ‘Historical Fiction’. It takes me to years and centuries back and helps me feel a part of the emotions of the people of the Earth who were once here and wanted to leave their mark and tell their stories. To me ‘Historical Fiction’ is a dedication to the ‘ancestors of the world’.


♠“This Is The Tale of The Book Thief As Narrated By Death.

             And When Death Tells a Story, You Really Have To Listen”♠

‘The Book Thief’ is a 584 paged novel written by author ‘Markus Zusak’. It was published in 2005.

‘Markus Zusak’ is an Australian writer who has German origin. He received ‘Michael L. Printz Honor’ and the Kathleen Mitchell Award (Australia) for this book.

He is an ‘International Bestseller”.


♠“A Good Book Thief Requires Many Things.

Stealth. Nerve. Speed.

More Important Than Any Of Those Things, However, Was One Final Requirement.



Set in Nazi Germany, in 1939, ‘The Book Thief’ is a story about a girl named ‘Liesel’, ‘An Accordionist’, ‘Some Fanatical Germans’ , ‘A Jewish Fist Fighter’ and ‘Quite A Lot Of Thievery’.

The writing style is quite ‘unique’ as the narrator is none other than the ‘Death’. ‘It’ informs us in the beginning of the book, how he saw ‘The Book Thief’ three times and she surprised him and why ‘He Is Haunted By Humans’.

Liesel, her mother, and her brother Werner were traveling to Munich, on a train. The death came to take the life of her brother and met Liesel for the first time. Around Werner’s grave, she found the first book that she stole.

‘Book Thief’ is about Liesels life in ‘Molching (A fictional city)’ with her foster parents during the time of Hitler, in Germany.



♠“People Observe The Colours Of A Day Only At Its Beginnings And Ends, But To Me It’s Quite Clear That A Day Merges Through A Multitude of Shades And Intonations, With Each Passing Moment. A Single Hour Can Consist Of Thousands Of Different Colours. Waxy Yellows, Cloud-Spat Blues. Musky Darkness. In My Line Of Work, I Make It A Point To Notice Them” ♠  


  • It takes you on an emotional ride as all good books have the ability to. That is why, you must go in prepared.
  • This book, recommended to me by my friend (thank you Sara ♥ ) has been sitting on my shelf since more than 2 years and after giving it a go I ponder, why didn’t I read it before.
  • There are very few books on my list that I will re-read and this is definitely on the top.
  • I certainly want to read more of ‘Markus Zusaks’ books e.g. ‘I Am the Messenger’ and ‘Bridge of Clay’.


I am not and will never be an appreciator of strong language even though almost every book and movies has it now. There were few repetitive curse German words in the book. I do, however, understand how important they were to portray culture and to create realistic story.


This book is also a movie, released in 2013. One advice though, do not get your hopes up too high for the movie, after you have read the book. It was a well-made movie, individually, but as you know, books are almost always better than its movie counterpart.


It is informative, fascinating, captivating and you lose sleep over it. But, most of all it is dark because it is real.

I give it 9/10 score. I Highly Recommend It!


Thanks for Making It So Far ♥!!

P.S. Thank You for checking out ‘Book Review# 1’. Tell me what you think about this one in the comment section.


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  1. I’ve heard so many good things about this book. And I’m glad I haven’t seen the movie yet – thanks for warning me off. Great review and I look forward to the read. No much else to do these days. Take care.

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  2. Although I have read this book, yet i enjoyed reading reviews because every reader has different impact of same script. Great review of an interesting novel.

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