“My Top 10 Favorite Islamic Quotes For Getting Through Tough Situations”

Assalam-O-Alaikum people! Since few months, I have been finding some amazing, inspirational and mind-blowing Islamic quotes on social media, specially ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’. So, I decided to share ‘10 of my most favorite Islamic Quotes’ with you today.  Of course all Islamic sayings are loved by us so, maybe I will make it a series, I don’t know yet, let’s see :)…

Hope you receive some motivation from them and do share if you do :).




♥ After-all gratitude is what keeps us peaceful ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (1)


♥ The behtri’ as we say in ‘Urdu’ ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (2)


♥ We often find ourselves in such a situation, sometimes daily ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (3)


♥ Subhan Allah, it shows how ‘Merciful’ is Allah ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (4)


♥ It is because He is ‘Al-Ghafoor’-The Ever-Forgiving, The All-Forgiving ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (6)


♥ This one ‘Rejuvenates’ ones ‘Faith’ every-time ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (5)


♥ This is very thought-provoking and keeps our ‘Pride’ in check ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (7)


♥ Complaining never generates result but ‘Dua (praying)’ does ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (8)


♥ One word-Eloquent ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (9)


♥ Indeed ♥

photo-1583778957124-763fd4826122 (10)

May ALLAH SUBHANAWATALLAH give you and us hope, patience and strength through these tough times and Always!

Jazak Allahu Khairan! 

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