It was a cheerful and peaceful day…

Watching a scene in a Comedy TV-show,

In which the protagonists were putting away

The things, which once belonged to a dead person…

She felt how REAL it was…

She looked around,

Her possessions…

Her books, diaries, recipe log 

Her Scarfs, hood, socks…

Little drawings, paintings,

The still unpacked box of her belongings…

In which, there were things,

she had a hard time inspecting and organizing…

‘What will happen to these things,

this room’, ‘my photographs’,

after, I will no longer be here?”

‘Who will they be given to?’


‘Will they be Burned?’

These were those unanswered questions that often

kept her awake at night

And distracted her during any work…

She wasn’t thinking about all this because she was feeling sad…

It was just something, she often pondered about…

As she firmly believed, that the world she lived in

Was fleeting…

That it is ambiguous, risky and


Too much load creates difficulties for others too,

It seemed illogical to her,

For a human being who will pass in few decades to

Have so much stuff

They can’t even organize and remember

It felt unfair and futile somehow…

Her disorders taught her that, rigidly

Which is why…

Repeatedly, she considered…


She should begin to own and keep

As less things as she can,

To Live Life As A Traveler…


Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


4 thoughts on ““HER-18”

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  1. Wow like literally wow! This piece of poetry touched my heart. Yes we are here in this world for a short period of time. So we need to live our life like travelers.

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