One day, I will run very far
Without my scar, to somewhere bizarre

They will search , every corner and nook
But I won’t be discovered no matter how much they looked.

 And deep in the forest will I be found
Away from the noise, just Natures sound

 Walking alone slowly,
But I won’t be lonely

 I will be the happiest soul
With just my camera, books and my foal

For the keen, I left a key to be found
It is in the diary ever so round,

 You will find it written in there,
To meet me, you will also have to immerse in here…

Greetings fellow humans! I have published my first ever poem above (well first that I have posted anyways). I have never been much into poetry but this just hit me this week (you know how it is for writers) :). 

Maybe I have taken some inspiration from my amazing fellow Poet-Bloggers. Thank You folks!!

Hope you like it :).


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