“On a Lighter Note#1- ‘My Poor Crooked Water Bottle'”

Oh my! Oh my! My poor crooked water bottle. Standing forlornly on the head of my bed. With no companion and no foe in-sight.

How it became like that you ask?

Well it started ten years ago, once upon a time, when I became sick and so I had to drink lots of fluid. I realized then that I can’t simply form a habit by drinking via glass as I often forget.

So I started keeping a 1.5ltr plastic bottle with me all the time. I would fill it up as needed. I still do. That habit formed thankfully, making the life of all plastic bottles a hell, for the unforeseeable future.

Its winters and I crave warm water and honestly it’s hard to keep this huge structure warm with ease. One day as I started filling the bottle with hot water first, the bottle started deforming. Later I mixed the cold water in to make it drinkable.

Poor thing became disabled because of my selfishness. It will not be able to play or run away from a dog. Nor will it be able to look tough in front of its friends. I won’t be able to forgive myself. 😥

Hello! People. I have been meaning to write ‘On a Lighter Note’ series for a while but didn’t know what to add in it. I wrote this little piece in winters, just for the sake of my own practice. I was trying to write something sarcastic and funny (not sure which genre this turned out to be though) :D, do tell me what you think it is.

It is purely for humor. I have no intention of offending your water containers :P.

Drink Plenty of Water daily!!

Hoping you like it!



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