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………that day she wanted to cry,

she wanted to cry and scream so badly that

tears just couldn’t come out from her eyes,

knowing that she doesn’t deserve to cry,

for it was her,

it was her who did the wrong,

 for it was her who had to take the responsibility

for her actions,

for what happened was her own decision

and so

she couldn’t just lift the burden of her heart.

She needed a hug,

never in her life she so wanted to get a hug as much as that day,

for when a person gets really tired from fighting within

it’s nature is to have such wants,

a really really warm hug, may it be from a stranger, she didn’t care

she just wanted it,

as she thought that hug might be able to melt her heart,

might be able to rescue her,

for the path she was…

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