“‘My Salutations To The Moon'”-My 2nd Poem”

Oh dearest full moon,I dream of your translucent beauty.I see you turn the night scene gay,Those houses, the river, that bay.When the world is silent and slumbering,I am up and contemplating.How much I admire your vigor,To me you are a motivational trigger.Though I wish this could go on forever,But I have to wake up whatsoever.But,... Continue Reading →

“Eid-Greetings 2020- I have 100 Followers!!”

Photo by Mayank Baranwal on Unsplash Hello and Salam to all my followers. I am sorry that I have been away from WordPress for few weeks and couldn't read your amazing posts. I will get back on track soon In sha Allah. EID MUBARIK to all the Muslims out there. May it be a Eid full of blessings... Continue Reading →


Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash   At sahoor, When it was Ramadan Preparing the meal, Where she could help a 'little' With whatever energy she had Because of her weak health Years ago... It used to give her a sense of some accomplishment... But now, It had become yet another of the mundane tasks She was thinking... Continue Reading →

The PENABLE Award- My 3rd Blogger Award

Hola, mi amigos. I am gratefully nominated by two very creative writers H. R PHOENIX, AUTHOR (the creator of Penable award), and Nabeeha Jameel. H. R PHOENIX, is an encouraging and kind person, an amazing poet, author of the book “Sensations and Stars”, short-story writer. Don’t forget to check out her articles as well. Her... Continue Reading →


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……………outside her home, there was a small park

she was sitting at the bench, 

it was her favorite weather

strong winds were blowing,

all of a sudden,

 it started raining cats and dogs,

she didn’t bring an umbrella for she loved to be soaked with rain,

she felt being purified by it

then she just went into her own world 

for the rain reminded her of tranquility and freedom.

She was a person who kept everything to her-self

For she knew how unreliable people can be

And how unreliable can she be for them.

She always kept a certain distance with her friends

And even her family

She called it, to get her-self prepared for everything that has to come,

To avoid the unnecessary attachments,

which were too much for her,

as she was sensitive within

A person such as her who even hated the idea of arguments,

How could…

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