“‘My Salutations To The Moon'”-My 2nd Poem”

Oh dearest full moon,
I dream of your translucent beauty.
I see you turn the night scene gay,
Those houses, the river, that bay.
When the world is silent and slumbering,
I am up and contemplating.
How much I admire your vigor,
To me you are a motivational trigger.
Though I wish this could go on forever,
But I have to wake up whatsoever.
But, I shall return very soon,
To meet my friend my moon.

Photo by Luca Huter on Unsplash

Thank You For Making It So Far!!

21 thoughts on ““‘My Salutations To The Moon'”-My 2nd Poem”

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  1. Such a beautiful poem! Love how you bid farewell to the moon at the end, unwillingly, but like a responsible citizen, because the next day you have to “wake up whatsoever” xD but that lucky moon gets to stay up all night.

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