On A Lighter note#3-“I Have Found The REAL VAMPIRES”

It was midnight, everyone was sleeping but me. As the lights went away due to load-shedding and the fans and all machine noise turned off, I heard a voice.

It was just one tiny little noise first.Then it multiplied. The kind of annoying little sound we all despise. It was dark so I couldn’t tell who it was.

I started to feel a little prickle on my skin and then that too spread on my body. I was BITTEN.




I slapped the place where I was bitten and was awarded with a slimy dead little body on my fingers. I ran to the washroom to wash my hands.




Yes. As you must have guessed, we all know them as ‘Mosquitoes’.

It’s been few years since I have named these blood-sucking annoying little fellows and discovered that they are in fact the Real Vampires I have been looking for :P.

Boy, do these monsters get on our nerves -_-.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Thank You For Making It So Far!!

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