“Favorite Season?”

Pakistan has been blessed with not 3, not 4 but 5 seasons Ma sha Allah.
Each season is unique and has countless blessings of it’s own.
I will now describe them according to my own preferences.

Winter (November to February)

Photo by Alex on Unsplash

It is my most favorite weather among the 5. Somehow people find it hard to believe that someone can like this one.
People who love winters and snow are called ‘Chinophile’.
Everything in this season is precious to me. From it’s grayness and whiteness to it’s fruits (oranges!!) and nuts to the relaxing chai-tea and coffee.
To me it’s mysterious and adventurous yet calm and cozy. I am also more active in this weather than the entire year. I read more, I paint and work more.
Clothes!! How can I forget cool and stylish winter clothes.
I start getting excited for it from July. It’s September people September!!!

Autumn (October-November)

Just before winters, before the shedding of the leaves, the tree turn orange, purple and red.
It has recently become my 2nd most favorite season ,what with the amazing Autumn we had last year.
It’s cold but not too cold.
It’s perfect to join the book reading club and continue being a member till the end of winter.
The season of wearing cool light shrugs and start of thin blankets.

Spring (March-April)

My third fav weather, or is it also my 2nd fav?
It’s the weather of my birth.
The world becomes full of color and perfumes.
The scent of flowers, the leafy grass, the era of roses are a breathtaking sight to behold.
The days are longer and fresh.
The light ‘Spring rain’ engulfs us all with its scent.

Summer (May-July)

I have never liked summer much due to the skin boiling heat of its, but I prefer it a lot more than Monsoon.
At least the sweating keeps us cooler.
The most amazing thing about this season——-FRUITS!
You won’t have as much variety of fruits in any other season.
And how can we not think about summer and ICE-cream. They are practically synonyms.

Monsoon (End of July-Sep)

Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

It’s the most disliked season by me. It’s the weather of excessive humidity, creepy crawlers and stomach infections.
But, it also has rain. Now rain I adore as I am a pluviophile.
But, even the continuous thunderstorms cause flood and bring discomfort to so many people.
I kept thinking that just like everything else in the universe, this season must have it’s many good points as well.
But, that’s the topic research for another time.

Winters are going to arrive soon and I am very excited about it :D.



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