Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash Summer 2020, 9Pm...The sky was a mix of stars and clouds..It rained in the morning,It was windy and refreshing,Most of the shops were closed..Some cars and bikes were passing by,Very few people were outside..She was sitting in a car,Wearing a mask,Clutching her seatbelt...While her brother did the shopping,She observed... Continue Reading →


Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash   At sahoor, When it was Ramadan Preparing the meal, Where she could help a 'little' With whatever energy she had Because of her weak health Years ago... It used to give her a sense of some accomplishment... But now, It had become yet another of the mundane tasks She was thinking... Continue Reading →


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……………outside her home, there was a small park

she was sitting at the bench, 

it was her favorite weather

strong winds were blowing,

all of a sudden,

 it started raining cats and dogs,

she didn’t bring an umbrella for she loved to be soaked with rain,

she felt being purified by it

then she just went into her own world 

for the rain reminded her of tranquility and freedom.

She was a person who kept everything to her-self

For she knew how unreliable people can be

And how unreliable can she be for them.

She always kept a certain distance with her friends

And even her family

She called it, to get her-self prepared for everything that has to come,

To avoid the unnecessary attachments,

which were too much for her,

as she was sensitive within

A person such as her who even hated the idea of arguments,

How could…

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It’s true that small things ,when combined together , matter


sometimes a small thing itself

can make a difference

It’s 3pm…

beautiful , rainy weather

She’s is in her car with her friend….

Music is playing loudly…

‘Turn It Down Please’

No way! It’s fun, makes me feel wild!

But, What if someone’s praying?? ,

Or sleeping? Or doing work?

Yeah…like I care…


What if someone’s at the brink of giving everything up,

their patience, their hope,

their last hold on life…

and just need one more annoying thing

to push them,

One final thing,

One final excuse…

And we are giving them that?…


She turned the music player off.

She felt what her friend just said…

for she was going through something similar….

Cause Her Is Every Girl!!


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Check out my ‘Her-Series’. Thank you :).



Her face half covered with the moonlight…

Watching her friend, The Moon…

She didn’t want to sleep..

For she dreams about such happy things..

Which makes her really sad

when she wakes up….

Even her dreams turn into memories…

She feels the nostalgia

from the memories of a land that is no where to be found

in reality…

She sometime wishes for it to stop altogether….

But when she is no longer dreaming,

she misses that place so much that she feels lonely…

They are about those people…

Which she has restricted herself from


Not to get hurt again is what all humans wish..

And so does she….

She tries hard not to fall asleep…

But, she does..

Waking up into yet another amazing world…

A land of green, A sky of twilight

No one is there, but her

She walks…

And sees someone sitting on a bench,

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In her room.. Winter's Silence.. Indulging in her book.. Trying to understand the protagonist.. She jerks back... Feeling sharp nerve pain.. She drops her book.. And covers her eyes and face with her both hands.. It happened often.. In her solitude, she remembered.. Those moments.. Again and again.. She was tormented.. It always surprised her..... Continue Reading →


.......2am.. Dog's are barking and whimpering... Perhaps the strong ones are bullying the weakest member... Perhaps they are arguing over food or shelter.. 'It must be so cold for them outside', she thought... So unyielding is the Cold.. It's amazing how in the absence of fans and air-conditioners... You can hear everything clearly.. Just a... Continue Reading →


3:15am.. It's winters.. The very cold wind is blowing outside.. The damn window is making noise again... As I try to get comfortable in my blanket.. As usual..I hear a bus or a truck passing through.. Somewhere in the distance.... Feeling of guilt and thankfulness has awaken inside of me... A person is working hard... Continue Reading →


It's true that small things ,when combined together , matter but.. sometimes a small thing itself can make a difference It's 3pm... beautiful , rainy weather She's is in her car with her friend.... Music is playing loudly... 'Turn It Down Please' No way! It's fun, makes me feel wild! But, What if someone's praying??... Continue Reading →


1am,Thursday... She was dazed, staring blankly at the wall. Unable to read her book or think straight. ... Feeling remorseful Like someone just grabbed her heart with strength and then left it.. She did it again, after a long time But it was done. The stupidest thing human could do... She relied on another mortal...... Continue Reading →

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