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Hello people! Hope you are doing fine these days. The weather is in transition and with this comes muscular spasms and flu. Take care guys. So, I recently created an Art page named ''TRANQUIL ART'' at instagram finally. I am not an artist yet (atleast I don't think myself as one for now), but due... Continue Reading →


8 am..In her room,While she was applying paint on the canvas..She stopped for a moment and looked around the room,She thought how she need more space and should get rid of the extra stuff..She again thought about it..Her Will..She often thought about writing her will..Of course she didn't accomplish anything so,She didn't have any property... Continue Reading →

“Favorite Season?”

Pakistan has been blessed with not 3, not 4 but 5 seasons Ma sha Allah.Each season is unique and has countless blessings of it's own.I will now describe them according to my own preferences. Winter (November to February) Photo by Alex on Unsplash It is my most favorite weather among the 5. Somehow people find... Continue Reading →


Check out my ‘Her-Series’. Thank you :).


…………she came back to her room with a cup of cream coffee

realizing she finally got her freedom,

a smile came to her face

it was her favorite time of the day, 10-pm

when everyone was sleeping or working overnight

either way in there own worlds

out of her way to her-self

it wasn’t as if she detested them or the world

she just wanted time for her-self

as every human longs to

it was almost a full moon

the room was only filled with moonlight

She sat at her favorite spot with coffee cup in her hand

the spot where she could be she

the window, where the curtains were parted in the center

from where one could see the balcony and

some part of the street too

she was tired by pleasing everyone all day

tired of pretending to be strong

she hated arguments the most

so she…

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Liebster Award–My 2nd Blogger Award

Salutations my fellow bloggers. Hoping everyone is having a good day. I have been nominated for this award by WORDSNOW HEART who is an amazing poet. The thing I like best about her poems is that they are succinct yet impactful. I never miss her daily posts. SnowHearT is a kind and supportive person. Her... Continue Reading →


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……she ran away from the terror

and found a door,

she passed through it


she reached the same place she was at before she was through the door,

same place but

now she was

in a different situation,

the same thing happened to her 2-3 times

until she woke up…..

From her deep slumber

Almost screaming and sweaty

Trying so hard not to go back to sleep

Ah!she thought I am unable to sleep

Unable to sleep at all!

What to do?

In a panicky state,

She went to get cold water,


Upon opening the fridge,

she finally got out of the door

in another situation,

Yes, it was happening all in a dream

But, she finally woke up, in real

She made it sure that she is awake by pinching her self……

she had these lonely dreams

these scary lonely dreams


They always drove her crazy

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Check out my ‘Her-Series’. Thank you :).


………that day she wanted to cry,

she wanted to cry and scream so badly that

tears just couldn’t come out from her eyes,

knowing that she doesn’t deserve to cry,

for it was her,

it was her who did the wrong,

 for it was her who had to take the responsibility

for her actions,

for what happened was her own decision

and so

she couldn’t just lift the burden of her heart.

She needed a hug,

never in her life she so wanted to get a hug as much as that day,

for when a person gets really tired from fighting within

it’s nature is to have such wants,

a really really warm hug, may it be from a stranger, she didn’t care

she just wanted it,

as she thought that hug might be able to melt her heart,

might be able to rescue her,

for the path she was…

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“A Huge WELCOME To My Followers”

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash   Salutations my friends!! I just want to thank and greet my new followers. WELCOME TO MY BLOG PEOPLE!! Honestly, I can't believe it :O :O! I am really glad that we will be able to take this journey together. As I am a beginner blogger, it is highly encouraging and I... Continue Reading →

“My 1st Award-Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award”

Greetings Earth dwellers! Hoping you are staying sane during this era. Wow, this is new, I like many others, have been nominated for the ‘Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award’ by the highly motivational blogger ‘Vincent Ehindero’ himself. THANK YOU!! I recently followed his blog (about 2 weeks ago). He is a ‘’founder, Writer, Influencer and Motivator”.... Continue Reading →

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