8 am..In her room,While she was applying paint on the canvas..She stopped for a moment and looked around the room,She thought how she need more space and should get rid of the extra stuff..She again thought about it..Her Will..She often thought about writing her will..Of course she didn't accomplish anything so,She didn't have any property... Continue Reading →

“Book Review-The Book Thief-My Favorite Genre”

I have absolutely come to adore ‘Historical Fiction’. It takes me to years and centuries back and helps me feel a part of the emotions of the people of the Earth who were once here and wanted to leave their mark and tell their stories. To me ‘Historical Fiction’ is a dedication to the ‘ancestors... Continue Reading →


……………outside her home, there was a small park she was sitting at the bench,  it was her favorite weather strong winds were blowing, all of a sudden,  it started raining cats and dogs, she didn't bring an umbrella for she loved to be soaked with rain, she felt being purified by it then she just... Continue Reading →

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