In her room.. Winter's Silence.. Indulging in her book.. Trying to understand the protagonist.. She jerks back... Feeling sharp nerve pain.. She drops her book.. And covers her eyes and face with her both hands.. It happened often.. In her solitude, she remembered.. Those moments.. Again and again.. She was tormented.. It always surprised her..... Continue Reading →


.......2am.. Dog's are barking and whimpering... Perhaps the strong ones are bullying the weakest member... Perhaps they are arguing over food or shelter.. 'It must be so cold for them outside', she thought... So unyielding is the Cold.. It's amazing how in the absence of fans and air-conditioners... You can hear everything clearly.. Just a... Continue Reading →


1am,Thursday... She was dazed, staring blankly at the wall. Unable to read her book or think straight. ... Feeling remorseful Like someone just grabbed her heart with strength and then left it.. She did it again, after a long time But it was done. The stupidest thing human could do... She relied on another mortal...... Continue Reading →


At 8pm... On her way back home ... From shopping.. While being stucked with the traffic Listening to all the hustle, Breathing that black smoke, Being aware of those lustful eyes She thought she felt something.... probably annoyance! Or was it envy? She wasn't sure... In her there was so much noise That, It was... Continue Reading →


......2am Her face half covered with the moonlight... Watching her friend, The Moon... She didn't want to sleep.. For she dreams about such happy things.. Which makes her really sad when she wakes up.... Even her dreams turn into memories... She feels the nostalgia from the memories of a land that is no where to... Continue Reading →


......On a normal afternoon, While she was working peacefully, She heard the news.. That her neighbors left, The neighbors with whom she lived for 10 years... Just left, The neighbors, with whom she used to play daily, In streets, And indoor back in her childhood The neighbors, who shared her happiness And sadness, The neighbors,... Continue Reading →


......6Am, birds chirping, water running in the kitchen. Waking up by the voice of her alarm clock, on one of the important days of her life, Her mother came to remind her of her interview, She washed up, got dressed. Not believing, what she intended to do..... She went for her interview. Traffic jam at... Continue Reading →

‘Her 7’

While intending to delete some unused conversations She saw an old group conversation of her sister with her sister's best friend, she felt a twitch in her heart she thought , 'ah!how things change , those two are not angry with each other nor they have fought , they are best friends, who were once... Continue Reading →


..................On, one of the brightest days, She went to the market to get some necessary items, as she only liked the rainy days, she didn't get out much She saw a beautiful family, like the weather, smiling brightly the kids, whom she thought were siblings, were running around , playing. seeing how close they were,... Continue Reading →


.....................On the way to a 3 hours drive to her grandparents city, she again was swayed away by nostalgia. Every scene,every tree, every smell,the yellow flowers, the river, the lush grass, reminded her of her so perfect childhood Of the time, she too lived carefree. It was a million dollar moment. She always always loved... Continue Reading →

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