Since I was a kid, I have heard how ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ and ‘People Die but Habits Don’t Change’.  I thought so too and was worried due to the few bad habits that I have attained over the past years. BUT!!! This book has brought new hope and light to my life. ≡ INTRO... Continue Reading →


In her room.. Winter's Silence.. Indulging in her book.. Trying to understand the protagonist.. She jerks back... Feeling sharp nerve pain.. She drops her book.. And covers her eyes and face with her both hands.. It happened often.. In her solitude, she remembered.. Those moments.. Again and again.. She was tormented.. It always surprised her..... Continue Reading →


……………outside her home, there was a small park she was sitting at the bench,  it was her favorite weather strong winds were blowing, all of a sudden,  it started raining cats and dogs, she didn't bring an umbrella for she loved to be soaked with rain, she felt being purified by it then she just... Continue Reading →


........There comes a time in human life, when you want to explain how you enjoyed a certain event or were disappointed by it, but you can't. you just can't. you know what you want to say and why you want to say it you imagine the conversation countless times you imagine their replies and responses too,... Continue Reading →

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