.......2am.. Dog's are barking and whimpering... Perhaps the strong ones are bullying the weakest member... Perhaps they are arguing over food or shelter.. 'It must be so cold for them outside', she thought... So unyielding is the Cold.. It's amazing how in the absence of fans and air-conditioners... You can hear everything clearly.. Just a... Continue Reading →


.....................On the way to a 3 hours drive to her grandparents city, she again was swayed away by nostalgia. Every scene,every tree, every smell,the yellow flowers, the river, the lush grass, reminded her of her so perfect childhood Of the time, she too lived carefree. It was a million dollar moment. She always always loved... Continue Reading →


............she came back to her room with a cup of cream coffee realizing she finally got her freedom, a smile came to her face it was her favorite time of the day, 10-pm when everyone was sleeping or working overnight either way in there own worlds out of her way to her-self it wasn't as... Continue Reading →


.........that day she wanted to cry, she wanted to cry and scream so badly that tears just wouldn't come out from her eyes, knowing that she doesn't deserve to cry, for it was her, it was her who did the wrong,  for it was her who had to take the responsibility for her actions, for... Continue Reading →

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