“‘My Salutations To The Moon'”-My 2nd Poem”

Oh dearest full moon,I dream of your translucent beauty.I see you turn the night scene gay,Those houses, the river, that bay.When the world is silent and slumbering,I am up and contemplating.How much I admire your vigor,To me you are a motivational trigger.Though I wish this could go on forever,But I have to wake up whatsoever.But,... Continue Reading →


  One day, I will run very far Without my scar, to somewhere bizarre They will search , every corner and nook But I won't be discovered no matter how much they looked.  And deep in the forest will I be found Away from the noise, just Natures sound  Walking alone slowly, But I won't... Continue Reading →


In her room.. Winter's Silence.. Indulging in her book.. Trying to understand the protagonist.. She jerks back... Feeling sharp nerve pain.. She drops her book.. And covers her eyes and face with her both hands.. It happened often.. In her solitude, she remembered.. Those moments.. Again and again.. She was tormented.. It always surprised her..... Continue Reading →

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