.......2am.. Dog's are barking and whimpering... Perhaps the strong ones are bullying the weakest member... Perhaps they are arguing over food or shelter.. 'It must be so cold for them outside', she thought... So unyielding is the Cold.. It's amazing how in the absence of fans and air-conditioners... You can hear everything clearly.. Just a... Continue Reading →


......2am Her face half covered with the moonlight... Watching her friend, The Moon... She didn't want to sleep.. For she dreams about such happy things.. Which makes her really sad when she wakes up.... Even her dreams turn into memories... She feels the nostalgia from the memories of a land that is no where to... Continue Reading →


......she ran away from the terror and found a door, she passed through it but she reached the same place she was at before she was through the door, same place but now she was in a different situation, the same thing happened to her 2-3 times until she woke up..... From her deep slumber... Continue Reading →


............she came back to her room with a cup of cream coffee realizing she finally got her freedom, a smile came to her face it was her favorite time of the day, 10-pm when everyone was sleeping or working overnight either way in there own worlds out of her way to her-self it wasn't as... Continue Reading →

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