Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

Summer 2020, 9Pm…
The sky was a mix of stars and clouds..
It rained in the morning,
It was windy and refreshing,
Most of the shops were closed..
Some cars and bikes were passing by,
Very few people were outside..
She was sitting in a car,
Wearing a mask,
Clutching her seatbelt…
While her brother did the shopping,
She observed how everyone was wearing a mask
And standing at a distance to each other..

They seemed wary of each other.
It seemed really like a scene from a movie,
She had fun watching years ago…
About a similar outbreak..
But, oh God, this was no movie.
It was Captial-R Real.
She had been following daily news and stats…

And had been awake in this reality.
This hit her every time she was out..

She thought how sad was all this
How unprepared the world had been
for such an ordeal
And how shocked everyone became
as a result..
It was a grand test for whole of humanity..
And perhaps something more..
She prayed to Lord to give all of the world strength
And patience,
To come out of this,

Thank You FOR Making It So Far!!!

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