Photo by George Prentzas on Unsplash


At sahoor,

When it was Ramadan

Preparing the meal,

Where she could help a ‘little’

With whatever energy she had

Because of her weak health

Years ago…

It used to give her a sense of some accomplishment…

But now,

It had become yet another of the mundane tasks

She was thinking about how easily she could be replaced

That all the tasks done by her could be taken care of by others..



They didn’t need her…really

She might vanish

And others won’t even notice

As she thought about all this,

She looked at her hands..

Her fingers…

She remembered some studies…

Which indicated to her unique fingerprints…

The one of a kind

That only she had…

There was no other owner of them except her…

It was yet another example of the Might

The Creativity of the CREATOR

To her it proved,

Even if no one,

Cared about her

No one needed her

Lord had put so much attention

So much focus..

into creating her…

To display her uniqueness

That alone was enough for her

To feel special…

To feel essential…

And once again, with a light heart…

She went to offer her prayer…


Thank You FOR Making It So Far!!!

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