On The Lighter Note#2- The Painting On my Wall

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Hello! I am red and blue. I am 3 yrs old. I was blank but my person filled me with colors. I am not the prettiest as I was just a source of practice. That is also the last time she used me. Well, she picked me up again after years but just to relocate me. My cement-bed stays cold all year long but as my room is colorful with drawings and full of other painting buddies of mine, I am happy.

I have a best friend named ‘sunset’, she’s just gorgeous. I and my buddies hold a daily meeting to share the news we each get from our angles.

When the curtains are drawn to aside, at 6am, it’s the best moment of my life. I wake up every morning to see the beautiful view from my window. I see birds, the car-porch, even sky and neighbors house, the noisy little outdoor cat who hops up on the window whenever he gets a chance. I also see other people, who live here, just passing.

I see my girl using her laptop, painting, reading, praying, and talking to her cat. She mostly stays here with me. She doesn’t know it but it comforts me to see her. Sometimes she just stands down there and looks at me to observe me and I feel so happy. Actually, it’s all of us. She gives us time that way.

I am stuck on the wall but I am glad I was of some help to someone and boy do I love the compliments people give me.


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