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……………outside her home, there was a small park

she was sitting at the bench, 

it was her favorite weather

strong winds were blowing,

all of a sudden,

 it started raining cats and dogs,

she didn’t bring an umbrella for she loved to be soaked with rain,

she felt being purified by it

then she just went into her own world 

for the rain reminded her of tranquility and freedom.

She was a person who kept everything to her-self

For she knew how unreliable people can be

And how unreliable can she be for them.

She always kept a certain distance with her friends

And even her family

She called it, to get her-self prepared for everything that has to come,

To avoid the unnecessary attachments,

which were too much for her,

as she was sensitive within

A person such as her who even hated the idea of arguments,

How could…

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11 thoughts on “‘Her-4’

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  1. This written piece is truly beautiful and aptly describes me. There are so many questions that bother me. Why do we feel less than we have less freedom as we keep growing and why we fall in love with such moments and long for them. Can’t we have moments like des more often and as a constant part of life? There is always a struggle going on everywhere in everyone’s lives. They have no time to spare for this beautiful world outside.

    Really love reading. Thanks

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will be very valuable to me. 🙂

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  2. First of all thank you so much for giving this post so much of your precious time. Your comment is very encouraging. I am very happy that you were able to relate to it.
    I couldn’t have agreed more. Nature is healing.
    I would love to view your blog, I love Travelling blogs :).
    Thank You again and Welcome To My Blog.


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